Parent Information


Little Athletics is a volunteer run program and cannot function properly unless every parent is actively involved in the competition and as such parents of registered children are expected to assist with the running of the program.  Be aware that if parents do not carry out their required duties throughout the season their child/children may be asked to leave the centre.

No athlete is allowed to attend without a parent or guardian present. 

Events will not be conducted unless there are sufficient helpers to run the event.


During the season children will be photographed for Centre promotions.  If you do not want your child photographed – please advise the committee.


The Club T Shirt is to be worn at our meets and must have the sponsor patch correctly located on the shirt. LAVic requires all athletes to wear the provided registration number/chest patch at all times at all Centre activities.

This is a safety, procedural and sponsorship requirement.  This allows other parents to know your child’s name and age group.  In case of accident or emergency the child’s name can be accessed quickly.  The athlete should also wear appropriate clothing and footwear for participating in athletics events.

We expect children to be appropriately dressed for the climate, a hat for warm weather and track suit for cold weather, particularly early in the season.

General Safety

Children and parents are encouraged to wear hats and sunscreen to all Little Athletics events.  All participants should also bring a drink bottle to Centre activities. 

Parents should ensure that they have completed  the registration in full for each child, this includes detailing any medical conditions / allergies and providing a management plan if necessary.

Whilst we promote family participation, sometimes it’s not appropriate to have toddlers near events such as javelin or sitting at the end of the sand pits.  We expect you to be responsible for your younger children - for their safety as well as that of competing athletes.

Athlete's must not tamper with or use equipment in an inappropriate way.

All positions, including those on the Committee are filled by volunteers – we expect that all volunteers are treated with respect. We expect you to support us in the decisions we make on behalf of the members of our centre.

Code of Conduct

  • Be prepared to lend a hand
  • Encourage all children (as well as your own)
  • Make the evening enjoyable
  • Wining is not the only objective
  • Do not interfere with the marshalling
  • Be respectful of others

Further Information for parents can be found at the LAVic Website.