Frequently Asked Questions

When can I join Gisborne Little Athletics?

Athletes must be 5 years of age before they start Little Althletics. The Little Athletic season begins in September and runs through to April.  The Cross Country Season starts in late April and runs through to August.

Normally there will be a special Registration day organised prior to the start of each season.  Summer registrations carry over to the Winter Cross Country Season.  For other dates check the calendar page.

Parents should ensure that they have completed the registration form in full and signed the form. Parents must detail any medical conditions on the registration form. 'Proof of Age' must be provided in order to complete the registration.  Typically a Birth Certificate or Passport is best.  This proof of age is a requirement for the first or initial registration and is not required at subsequent re-registration.

Can children try Little Aths before joining?

Yes, official 'Bring a Friend' days are conducted at Gisborne in the early part of each season.  Alternatively just turn up on a competition day and make yourself known to the Competition Director or Registrar.  Children will be placed with their respective age/gender group and given the opportunity to see if little Athletics is for them.

When do we compete?

Gisborne Little Athletics Centre meets are held on Friday evenings.  Warm-ups and set up start at 5:00pm and the first events are called once all equipment is set up and the events are manned.

Where are the events held?

The Gisborne Little Athletics Centre uses Dixon Field located on Robertson Street Gisborne.

What are the events?

Most events are age dependant, however the events are:

  • Sprints (70m, 100m, 200m)
  • Middle distance depending on age group (400m, 800m)
  • Long Distance again dependant on age group (1500m) running
  • Hurdles depending on age (60m, 80m, 90m, 100m, 300m)
  • Long Jump / Triple Jump / High Jump
  • Shot Put / Discus
  • Javelin for (Under 11 – Under 15 only)
  • Race Walking
  • Cross Country
  • Relays

What to wear at Little Athletics?

The LAVic requires all athletes to wear the provided registration number/chest patch at all times at all Centre activities on the front of their T-shirt.

This is a safety, procedural and sponsorship requirement.  This allows other parents to know your child’s name and age group.  In case of accident or emergency the child’s name can be accessed quickly.  The athlete should also wear appropriate footwear and clothing for participating in athletics events.

Children and parents are encouraged to wear hats and suncreen to all Little Athletics events. All participants should also bring a drink bottle to Centre activities. Centre T-shirts can be purchased from the office.

Extreme Weather Cancellation

In the event of adverse weather conditions the Committee may cancel or shorten running events to protect athletes. 

If the competition is cancelled prior to the meet, a SMS will be issued to the appropriate mobile number on file for the family. It is your responsibility to notify the Registrar if this number changes throughout the season.

If weather deteriorates during the program, the Committee may elect to cancel the competition.

How are the athletes’ performances monitored?

All Little athlete's performances in all events are recorded during the program. These results are then entered into the centre’s database and results uploaded to the website. You will need to use your username and password to access this information.

Alternatively, children may receive a ticket detailing their performances at each event. These tickets can then be placed in a ‘sticker book’ where performances can be assessed by the child.

What other forms of competition are there?

During the season, there are:

  • Open Days at other centres
  • Regional competitions (for U9 to U15)
  • State competitions

What is expected of Parents?

The Gisborne Little Athletics Centre expects parents and guardians to assist with the operation by carrying out a duty.  There are several types of duties available which help to ensure the smooth running of the night.

Other activities include canteen, club administration, etc.  Additional assistance is always needed on the Centre and Club committees and all parents are welcome to help.

What is expected of the Children?

Children are expected to:

  • Behave in an appropriate manner with their friends, coaches, volunteers and parents
  • Uphold our motto “Family, Fun, Fitness”

Is there any training provided?

An orientation night is held at the start of the season to assist in orientating parents and helpers into their duties and roles. Further training is available for selected events by qualified coaches.

What about Safety, Insurance and First Aid?

The Gisborne Centre has a strict safety policy and all athletes are covered by Insurance provided by Little Athletics Victoria.

What are the types of awards/trophies presented?

At the end of each season, presentations are made to children based on:

  • The child’s participation
  • The child’s improvement
  • Representation at Regional and State events
  • Exceptional behaviour